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Marysville BBQ & Fall Event, Sept. 16, 2023, 10 am – 2 pm Donations of the following welcomed: Gently Used items & Crafts table: gently used vintage dishes, regular dishes, costume jewellery, toys, artwork, games, books, picture frames, camping gear, Christmas items, craft and sewing items, etc... Sorry NO large furniture, clothing, shoes or electronics. Drop items off in the boxes at the back of church from now, until Wed. Sept. 13th and at the church hall, on Fri. Sept. 15th 6-8pm. Country Garden items: homemade/grown plants, herbs, flowers, pickles, jams, relishes, eggs, vegetables such as potatoes, beets, squash, corn, gourds, pumpkins, apples, etc. Drop items off at the church hall on Fri. Sept. 15th 6-8pm & Sat. Sept. 16th 8-9:30am. Baked goods: wrapped homemade breads, buns (wrapped in 6’s or 12’s), wrapped one and two crust pies (no cream pies), tarts (wrapped in 2’s, 6’s or 12’s), donuts (wrapped in 2’s, 6’s, or 12’s), cookies (wrapped in 2’s, 6’s or 12’s), squares or brownies (wrapped in 2’s, 6’s or 12’s), etc. Sweeter items: such as fudge, assorted treats and candies (store wrapped or in clear bags), mini chocolate bars, sour patches, suckers, etc. Drop off items at the church hall Fri. Sept. 15th 6-8pm & Sat. Sept. 16th 8-9:30am BBQ: condiments (ketchup, relish, mustard), pop, water, etc. A sign-up list will be at the back of the church for these items. Please drop these off at the back of the church by Sunday, Sept. 10th or contact Michele at (613) 922-3901. The Marysville CWL thanks you!


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